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Advanced technology of Glassini glassess
Glassess with dimming regulation

Glassini technology - how it works

The principle of operation our glasses is easiest to follow the example of the transmission of the LCD. The light penetrating into it is pre-polarized vertically through a polarizing filter. Then the light passes through a glass electrode and a liquid crystal layer. Specific micro-grooves on the electrodes necessitate such an arrangement of molecules forming the liquid crystal layer, when turning off the electrode was polarized at 90°.

Glassess with adjustable dimming

The control buttons on the frame

On the right are two buttons to control the 7 degree of darkening. The buttons are connected to the electronics built into glasses. Glasses automatically turn off (no dimming) if they are not used during 2h.

ALAs functionAutomatic Light Adjustment System, allows you to change the manual mode to automatic - your sunglasses will work like a typical photochromic, but much more quickly react to changes in light intensity and do not require the use of the adjustment keys.

Optical trends

Rubber surface

Glasses are covered with a special rubberized surface. It's pleasant to touch, plus the surface absorbs shocks when the glasses fall. A special rubber surface is a very useful feature in sports.

Polarized sunglasses


Our technology requires the use of even two polarizing filters. Additional layer on the lens eliminates glare of light from different directions. Polarizing filter causes the light entering the eye is arranged in a single plane. Sharpens the picture, does not cause eye strain. Especially recommended for drivers (reflections from wet road surface, snow on the side of the road, surface of the water, etc.).

Glasses with UV filter

UV Filters

Protect our eyes from harmful UVA range, UVB, UVC (200-400nm). No protection from the sun can cause health problems with your eyes. Our glasses are the most used filters to protect against UV radiation.

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