Glassess for drivers

Ideal for drivers

How many times in a car on a sunny day, when the sun went behind a cloud did you have to take off your sunglasses? Now I decide how much you have tinted glasses.
We remind you that photochromic glasses do not "work" in the car.

Sport glassess

Sport enthusiast

Light and durable – 120 g. Non-slip rubberized surface, additional accessories such as the eraser on the temples, and the dimming function sensational result that our glasses are used many areas of sport and physical activity, and continue to discover new areas of application.

Glassess for travellers


Traveling is our passion Enjoy discovering new places. Glassini sunglasses will accompany you in every environment. UV filter type A, B, C, polarized and with the unique function to change the darkness level are all the features that make the perfect sunglasses! UV Filters A, B, C, Polarization and unique dimming feature, makes everything what should have the best sunglasses.

Bike glassess


The pleasure of riding a bike... If you enjoy riding a bike you know how important it is to have a good pair of sunglasses. Doesn't matter if you’re riding in a forest, field, beach, mountains. All it takes is just one push of a button and you adapt the darkness level to your surrounding!

Geeks' gadget

Gadget geeks

If you’re a classic gadget geek, and you love every technical innovation then our sunglasses are made for you! There's no doubt that you’re going to love Glassini and thanks to their specific property, you will never go back to normal sunglasses.

Glasses for fishermen


No matter whether in the morning / emerging low sun / or during the day time, so you can match the brightness of the dim level so as not to tire the eyes. Furthermore, it eliminates tedious polarization reflection from the surface of the water.

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